Sunday, April 30, 2006

An advice to Taliban

Hi Talibanians,

Good Morning.

I am Hemanth Diwakar Pallavajula, living in place called Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.

I am not sure of how you are after so many U.S. strikes. I am also not sure what kind of effect those strikes really had on you, as the mortars used in bombing/shelling were actually meant to be dumped by the U.S. authorities. Since they were to be dumped somewhere, they thought that your place is apt, because it is very near to their past and present enemies, viz., Russia, Iran and Iraq. My feeling that the bombs were outdated is amply helped by the fact that most of them didn't explode even after falling on the ground.

Anyway, it seems that you are getting good scapegoats for showing to the world, remembering the world that your habits of savagery is still holding good. You get onto your list of foreign-nationals-killed-after-publicity one more Indian.

An Indian who has no other goal in life, but to earn more money. The Indian, who has left his home, his parents, wife, daughters and kindergarten studying son, only to earn those few more bucks so that he can marry his twin daughters to well-to-do guy. Those few more bucks which can ensure that his son studies in a good college, whose fee rises can be compared to inflation trends of Zimbabwe. And then he also has to serve his parents. His father is a retired deputy collector which gets us a feeling that he might have money for taking care of medical needs of him and his wife (victim's mother). But the emotional feelings, the love and affection to all of them cannot be done any guy around.

If his fault was that he was an Indian and mainly, was that he is working for the development of Afghanistan, then I definitely agree with you. Yes, its fault. Yes, it’s his fault.

But, if as per the news he was killed when he has tried to runaway. I think that was more an act of courage rather than cowardice. An act of practical thinking rather than escapist ideology. Because he knows that the Indian government will never accede to the demands or at least hold discussions using all its diplomatic, strategic, and artillery forces.

So, I suggest you to hold captive a prominent Indian politician, or else close-relatives of an important Indian Politician. Because, only then there can be some way that you can get what you want. No matter, how many more Indian workers you kill, I assure someone somewhere is getting ready to replace Suryanarayana, and chances that he is an Indian are also high.

This suggestion doesn't hold if your motives behind this kidnap are not strong. If you just want to kill some Indian worker in the name of some or other reason, then definitely this suggestion doesn't hold good.

Thanks for patiently reading my letter to you.

With best wishes to Homosapiens in your group,

an imagineer,