Sunday, September 18, 2005

From "Globalised India" to "Indianised Globe"

We Indians have grown listening and memorising the figures which establish that "Globalisation is giving Western mammoths, bigger cake to eat". Now, I believe that the day is not far when Indians can be proud that there are many Indian companies which will be controlling better part of world's commerce. I still remember the day when I had hard time in making my friends at a seminar on Globalisation while doing MBA to feel that our perception towards globalisation should change, that it is giving us also an opportunity to arrive on a bigger stage, and we are getting near to the concept of "Indianised Globe".

There are many examples for proving this. The Indian companies are not only exporting to a global base of OEMs*, they are reaching to the actual consumer. The achievements are not only in IT sector, where the Indians have proved their worth. The world’s No. 2 Tea company is Tata Tea. The best steel maker of the world is Tata Steel. The Indian business conglomerates like Birlas, Reliance, Bharti Televentures, Bharat Forge, and many more, are making their presence globally. And many of these companies are having their manufacturing base worldwide which is an indication of their vitality and inherent nature of working in cross-culture work environments.

Having said so many great things about the Indian companies, I feel that more Indian companies need to start taking their products to the consumer at a better cost, service ensuring that their products qualify for any quality test. As is an Indian saying, “Win at home for being victorious outside that”. The present Indian companies, most of which are established by the engineers who have gone through their academic careers through the years of India’s transformation from a debt-trodden nation to forex-surplus, and tenth largest economy in the world with GDP worth $692 billion.

Through the shades of changing sky color,
Through the spades working in various fields,
We woke,
We arose,
Creating a new world order,
Compounding peace and growth.

*OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer

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